Grounded I and Grounded II

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Grounded I and Grounded II

Rammed earth and steelĀ 

I am currently working with material as a collaborator rather than me owning and manipulating the medium. This allows the meaning of the material to become exposed through its simplicity.

To me the raw media such as earth, stones, mud, dust, and plant matter suggest realities, associations and experiences that could be aligned with an innate awareness of belonging to African soil. I experience and claim the raw material as acquaintance, family and as belonging to me, and as representing the fabric of my identity. The personal, psychological and physical interaction with this particular material environment is difficult to express in words. It is an intuitive, sensuous yet also intellectual process during which a collaborative relationship of expression is entered into between myself and the medium with the aim to uncover the seductive ‘voice’ of the material and to find the most appropriate form the material can hold and convey.

The fact that these figures are male is irrelevant and not a gender statement but simply a choice, since the work attempts to make a universal statement and not a gender assertion. The figures function as a vessel that bear the material and carries the experience of corporeality. In the solidity lies a fragility or vulnerability equal to that of our own lives. The work will last several life times providing no one damages it, but as with our existence, it can intentionally be removed from being.

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