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Edoardo Villa

Edoardo Villa remains one of the great gentlemen and endearing personalities in South African art. He was born in Bergamo, Italy in 1915, and studied at the Andrea Fontini Art School in Milan. Throughout his life, Villa has exhibited in Italy, Germany, France, England, Israel, Namibia, South America and the United States. His sculptures, many of them permanently embedded in his adopted homeland, embody his brilliance and spirit. The most famous public sculpture is perhaps the red ‘Knot’ at the entrance to the Civic Centre in Cape Town.

Edoardo Villa was a member of the self-titled Amadlozi Group started in 1961 (along with Cecil Skotnes, Guiseppe Cattaneo, Cecily Sash and Sydney Kumalo), who exhibited extensively in Europe. The work of these artists was considered to best reflect the sense of Africa; the vastness of landscape, the harsh light and the influence of traditional art forms. Together with his great friend, Douglas Portway, Edoardo Villa is one of the most influential artists of the South African abstract movement of the sixties.

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