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about stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is South Africa’s second oldest town and a cultural centre which attracts large numbers of local and international visitors annually. Stellenbosch is already well-known for its historical and cultural significance, but in recent years its reputation as a centre for visual and contemporary art has been considerably enhanced by the establishment of new museums and galleries. 20 Stellenbosch adds to the town’s reputation as a centre and destination for contemporary art and culture.

Stellenbosch also has the unique benefit of being easily explored on foot, making it easier to access by pedestrians than most other South African cities or towns. Walking through the streets of Stellenbosch, one can almost feel the history, as if strolling in days of old. The town is packed with many historic buildings dating back to the early 1700's.

Only 28 km from Cape Town International Airport, Stellenbosch is the ideal base from which to explore the entire region. A wide variety of quality accommodation options offer value for money while food lovers are provided with endless choice by the many excellent restaurants, in town and on wine estates. The safety of a small town combined with the amenities and vibrancy of a cosmopolitan centre, makes Stellenbosch the place to stay while visiting the region.

Known worldwide for its quality wines and the spectacular beauty of the surroundings Stellenbosch is home to one of the most prestigious old Wine Regions in the world. Visitors will be mesmerized by breathtaking scenery and warm South African hospitality.

The Stellenbosch University is internationally known and it provides world class education combined with stunning surroundings and rich heritage and tradition for around 25 000 students every year. The oak lined streets have seen the likes of well-known leaders and public figures shaped by their sojourn in Stellenbosch.

Take a journey through the pulsating and colourful township of Stellenbosch. Embark on a tour and taste some true cultural dishes like the "Amaginya" (African Doughnut), or samp and beans. In these townships one can find a wide variety of African artsists and crafters at work. Overnight at a "home-stay" or a B&B and experience African culture and hospitality at its best.

For more information, visit the Stellenbosch Tourism website.